Your Body, Your Baby, Your Birth, Your Way!

Hello Friends!

I am a Birth Doula, Certified Lactation Educator and Blogger providing Pregnancy, Birth and Lactation Services to anyone in King and North Pierce Counties in Washington State. I am also usually available to perform very last minute intimate weddings!

As a Doula, I provide emotional, physical and informational support all pregnant individuals and their families in any and all of their birthing choices at all stages of pregnancy. My goal is to provide encouragement, information and referrals to help the client and significant others to feel empowered and confident in their decisions so they feel their family received the best possible start. To reduce the stress of the client and family, which has shown to minimize pain. To teach the significant other, prenatally, some of my most utilized comfort skills and ways to get their laboring loved one focused during the intense moments of labor to reduce pain even more and to gently guide them during labor when to use each of those skills. To fully understand my clients birth plans and remind them of and discuss their plan during extreme times of stress when they may have forgotten. To help my clients get answers to questions and facilitate dialog between caregivers and clients about any and everything not understood prenatally and during the labor process in case there needs to be a deviation from the original birth plan so you can make informed, educated decisions.  I am a Birth Doula I am continually training to expand services and ultimately provide Full Spectrum Doula services.

As a Certified Lactation Educator I am a believer in “Feed the Baby”! “Breast is Best” but I know life is not that simple for everyone. My goal is to answer all your questions with research, educate on all choices, help troubleshoot issues, provide referrals if necessary and build your confidence, remove all doubts and support you in whatever educated choice you make to feed your child with compassion and zero judgments.

I hope to hear all your plans for your Dream Birth Stories and hope to share in the experience of making those dreams come true!

Very Truly Yours,